Computers and Softwares

👌Ask any question and it will solve

Professional software

Python based fully featured open source math suite

Sage math online.

Maxima based computer algebra system, Windows only

Scientific platform for math operations

👌Platform for making interactive web art

Fully featured math work station, professional very powerful

Open source math work station

Standard data solution from Microsoft

Online equation solver, very easy to use

LaTeX Math expression rendering software

Libre office's implementation of math rendering

👌Cloud based professional solution for data visualization

Graphics software

👌Online function plotter, very easy to use

👌My personal favorite graphing program, windows only

Program that simulates compass and ruler constructions, useful for geometry class

More powerful program used for compass and ruler constructions

Fractal makers

Professional fractal rendering workstation

Ripoff of ultrafractal

Fractal flame generator (beautiful)

OOOLD IFS program

Really random

Seldom will you ever need these, but they are fun and educational to play with

Exercises in computational mathematics

Software for boolean logic analysis

Software to simulate mathematical knots

create 3d shapes using nothing but mathematical expressions

AI is a fascinating subject to study.

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