Mathematical Art

Exactly what it says it is, very beautiful art designs

💯Clayton Shonkwiler's mathematics based art, very minimalist and graceful

Jewish mathematicians musings

Renowned Former Physicist Dave Whyte trippy gifs

3d artwork, both 3d renderings and 3d printed objects, very intricate

Medeley of various interesting geometry pictures and gifs

Individual blogs

Socially relevant mathematics and data mining

Making art from 2 dimensional plots

Blog of Matthew Henderson PhD, has a lot of cool mathematics visualizations and animations

Hyperbolic artworks by Jos Ley

💯Flash toy demonstrating use of fourier series

Geometrically hyperbolic universe simulation room simulator

Fractal Art

Art involving strange attractors and fractals


💯This math overflow post has many MANY different beautiful proofs in it

Stuff you can buy

Puzzles and Puzzles and Puzzles

Tons of glass klien bottles, best place to buy em

Official products of the math museum

💯Buy lightning, literally by the bottle.

Custom 3d printed math figurines.

Math oriented around K-12 education

Online platform for sharing cool visual data representations

Sony's AI generated music(hella ballin)

Wolframs algorithm music (not as baws)

These machines make music, it's a project by sony and it's flow AF

Dodecahedron appreciation blog

💯Literally every single peice of popular mathematics

Complex matrix multiplication visualization GIFs!

Cool visual proof of Trig Angle Addition formulas!

Discrete Fourier Transform made sense!

Matrix math in terms of moving planes

Topology videos, very well done (sphere) (space) (knot)

Write any message with equations

Pictorial proofs in the spirit of this website!

Says what it looks like

Hailstone sequence seemingly never ends

💯Alan Kitching old school animations


Now these people are very esoteric, but it's fun to see math being used this way

Fractals and god:

Sacred geometery:

💯Really cool blog, tons fo interesting links

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